Rostov, the oldest town in the North-Eastern Russia, is located on the picturesque shore of the Lake Nero. It was first mentioned in 862. Located on the water trade route, Rostov has grown into an economical and cultural center of the North-Eastern Russia. During the reign of Prince Yuri Dolgorukiy (Long-Arm), Rostov received the name of Rostov Velikiy (the Great). In middle ages it became more than once a capital of the principality, now it is a small town in Yaroslavl region. In XIII century the town and its monuments were destroyed by Tatar-Mongols of the Golden Horde, however many monuments of XVI-XIX centuries remain today, including the Assumption Cathedral of the mid-XVI century with belfry of XVII. The production of enamels in Rostov (finift) has ancient and solid traditions Rostov enamels of the end of the XVIII and the beginning of the XIX century are the most valuable, they an exceptional for clarity of outline and rich variety of color.

Top sights in Rostov

Rostov Kremlin

The Kremlin was built in the XVII century as Rostov residence for Metropolitan Jonah. Therefore, it cannot formally be called “the Kremlin”, its stone walls were rather decorative in nature and were…