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Fire tower in Kostroma

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Fire tower in the town of Kostroma is located on the central square of the city. It was built on the initiative of the governor Baumgarten, the author of the project was the architect Fursov. The construction of the tower was carried out in 1824/1825, finishing work was completed in 1827. The building was built in the form of a two-storey rectangular with a fine portico, crowned with an octagonal sentry tower. The tower facade make it look more like a palace, and the sentry tower is very similar to the belfry of the temple. Good location of the monument, integrity, and compactness of the architectural space, the expressiveness of its silhouette, moderate use of decoration on the facade make Kostroma fire tower one of the best monuments of late classicism in Russia. Seeing this graceful Kostroma defender from fires, the Nicholas I was struck by its beauty. After that, it gained fame as the best fire tower in the Empire. In the second half of the nineteenth century, the tower was rebuilt several times. The building was attached with the fire station. Throughout its history, the tower was used by the fire service. In 2005, it was passed to Kostroma Museum.

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