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The Moscow Outpost

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Embankment of the Volga River in the town of Kostroma greets its residents and guests with a Moscow Outpost obelisk. This architectural complex was built in 1823 and was a main entrance to the city. Its creation was timed to the arrival of the Emperor Alexander I. The composition of Outpost includes two quadrangular obelisks with guardhouses, crowned with double-headed gilded eagles, and connected by an arched span. Lately the guardhouses were reconstructed, but the obelisks were preserved. In 1912, commercial spaces were attached to the obelisks. Earlier in this place there was a river ferry. Here a road to Yaroslavl and Moscow began. Here arrived merchant ships. At that time the Outpost played the role of a customs post. But time passed, and the value of the Volga river, as a main trade artery of the country, has decreased. Moscow Outpost ceased to play the role of main town gates. In our time it is an adornment of the town, and an architectural monument of the classicism.

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