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Theophany (Bogoyavlensky) Convent

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The history of the Theophany Convent starts in the middle of the XV century, when the first monastery fortress was built. The monastery was founded by a disciple of St. Sergius of Radonezh, Nikita. The construction of the main monastery cathedral started in 1559 and it was the first stone building in town. Actually, there were three different monasteries in this place: the Epiphany, the Exaltation Of The Holy Cross and Anastasiansky, founded by Anastasia, beloved wife of Tsar Ivan the Terrible. However, in the mid-nineteenth century the Epiphany monastery was destroyed by fire, ceased to exist. Anastasiansky monastery was abolished earlier in the second half of the eighteenth century, and all the nuns were transferred to the Exaltation Of The Holy Cross convent. However, 10 years later the monastery was rebuilt on the same spot, and became known as the Exaltation Of The Holy Cross Anastasiansky convent. Over the years of its existence, the monastery have seen a lot, but have survived to the present day. July 20, 1990 the monastery was revived as Theophany (Bogoyavlensky Anastasiansky) Convent, a year later, the temple received the status of a Cathedral. Here was brought the main shrine of Kostroma - the icon of Our Lady of Saint Theodore (Feodorovskaya). Temple iconostasis is decorated with cross-shaped reliquary, containing the relics of 278 saints. Now the monastery wall is restored, new buildings were constructed on the territory of the monastery including two hotels for pilgrims and priests. The monastery also act as hospice and orphanage.

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